Looking Backwards

In this personal project, i wanted to illustrate the the notion of retrospection, and how it can affect our day to day lives. My initial motivation to start this project was to complete a full 2D motion piece, without narration. I completed this while doing the JR Carnet motion design class on LearnSquare (I highly recommend it, by the way!)  to refresh my brain and motion skills.​​​​​​​
Creative Process

For this project, I wanted to use basic geometric shapes for pretty much all the elements. I started by using Illustrator to create my storyboard with this type of shape. I used a pink/orange color to contrast with the black and white environment, so the hero could standout in a bright and dynamic color. Finally, the animation moves toward the left in the first part of the video to create the feeling of traveling to the past, and then bring all the elements to the right, hence in the present time.

Music by: Max Richter

Thanks for watching

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