In 2016, I was given the immense privilege to work on the second edition of Ubisoft's Watch Dog Series, primarily on all the videos related to the famous Hacker group of the game, Dedsec. My main activity was to ensure that our work was consistent and coherent to the artistic vision of the game, directed by Mathieu Leduc. I was professionally but also personally engaged in this game by the vision and subject and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. When final, our work would be approved by Alexander Karpazis, our presentation director, who would brilliantly deliver to Mathieu for final approval, before everything went into to the game.

Art Director : Mathieu Leduc
Presentation Director : Alexander Karpazis
Video Team :
Achim Schumacher
Joanna Goldman
Louise Mcdonald
Mark Kinkelin
Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Pierre-Olivier Nantel

Music Credit : Prodigy

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