Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction is the new Tactical co-op FPS from Ubisoft. In the game, each mission brings intense, thrilling and unpredictable experiences.

This new opus gave us the opportunity to develop a lot of animated visuals.
We dedicated ourselves to the creation of military inspired graphics, futuristic interfaces, holograms and advanced compositing.

Those introductions videos help establish the starting point of the player in the map.
The 3D matte painting team and Motion Design team, worked together to create this techy holographic transition.
Twelve locations with 3 different insertions points per maps were created for a total of 36 videos.

Add life to the beautiful Airlock key art. 
The main challenge here was to mix 2d animation of the goo with 3d animation of the electrical panel. Smoke simulation was made in Houdini. Additional 3d renders with c4d + Redshift. Final compositing in After Effects.

Promotional content package describing the different characters and accessories.
Several ratios had to be made in accordance  to latest the socials networks specifications.

Promotion Teasing campaign around an animated keyart.

Directed by 
Pierre-Olivier Nantel - Ubisoft

Art Direction 
Pierre-Olivier Nantel

2D / 3D Animation
Pierre-Guilhem Roudet - Helene Astier

Matte Painting
STARNO ( Maps )

Francis Reigneau ( Spillover )

Tarcisio Ferreira ( Start Screen ) - Camile Fache ( Spillover )

Creative Director
Jessy Veilleux

Production Manager
Heloise Bachelet

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