Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction is the new Tactical co-op FPS from Ubisoft. In the game, each mission brings intense, thrilling and unpredictable experiences.

We were mandated to produce 3 explainers videos. Each one covers a different concept of the game. The first one, named Onboarding, details the main part of the gameplay, the second one explains the progression, and the third one, named Maelstrom, the end-game loop principle.

We aimed for a hi-end holographic look, showing  the React’s advanced technological level. On top of it, the graphic 2D UI is used  to show the gameplay concept.

Directed by 
Pierre-Olivier Nantel - Ubisoft

Art Direction 
Pierre-Olivier Nantel - Guillaume Combeaud

2D / Animation
Pierre-Guilhem Roudet

3D / Animation
Guillaume Combeaud - Pierre-Olivier Nantel

Creative Director
Jessy Veilleux

Production Manager
Heloise Bachelet

project created in collaboration with Ubisoft, all rights reserved , 2022

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