The people of Heathmoor were afflicted with rising waters and a devastating storm that flooded the landscape. Thankfully, the storm passed, and though the skies began to clear, a cold winter settled in. The high waters froze, and snow covered the terrain. Ships were stuck in the ice, which only added to the odd serenity that had befallen Heathmoor.

After so many hardships, so many battles and natural catastrophes, the people took this small respite as an opportunity to reconnect. After being separated for so long, friends and families were reunited once again, and everyone took the time to count their blessings, and celebrate. But amid the festivities, something unforeseen came from the frozen sea. A large ship with red sails reached the harbor, the herald of uncertainty - and intrigue.

Case Study


While we worked on the animatic, we outputted a bunch of styleframes to nail the look and feel of each shots. Here's the final styleframe board.


Beforehand, we also worked on a few shaders that we used along in a bunch of scenes


Additionaly, we did a bunch of tests over the look, framing, effects, and more for a lot of scenes. You can see bellow a few frames from the panoply outputed.


Directed by 
Pierre-Olivier Nantel and Numa Crouzet - Ubisoft

Art Direction 
Pierre-Olivier Nantel and Maxime Truchon

3D / Animation
Maxime Truchon and Pierre-Olivier Nantel

Simon Gastin and Victor Hareng

Creative Director
Jessy Veilleux

Production Manager
 Mélanie Tremblay

Special thanks to
Simon Gastin, Nicolas-Denis Robitaille

project created in collaboration with Ubisoft, all rights reserved , 2021.


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